I started my apprenticeship as a tattooer April 1st 2004. I finished college as a chef in 2001. Back then I satisfied my addiction for all things arty by doing butter sculpting (!!), designing album covers, t-shirts and tattoos for my friends. Around about 2003, due to the encouragement of our local tattooer Theo Aime, I put a small portfolio of my tattoo designs into the studio he worked at, Rebel Tattoo in Midleton. From there some folks started to show interest and actually got some of MY DESIGNS on their SKIN!!! Eventually this led to me being given the opportunity to work at Rebel as manager and by extension serve an apprenticeship. Denis the shops owner generously bought me my first machines and I mainly trained under the tutelage of the very talented Karen Russell. So began my new and undying obsession with this art-form.


Over the past decade I have been extremely lucky to work with some of the nicest, coolest, funniest and most interesting people. I've met them in my studio, HolyCow Tattoo, in Midleton, at conventions and doing guest spots around the world.  All of these experiences are a huge contributing factor to the art I create.

I would like to thank my amazing wife Yvonne and our beautiful daughters Francesca and Georgia for delighting and inspiring me on a daily basis. Also my kickass colleagues John, the Donnas, my family and friends and all of my fantastic clients for everything. Without you I couldn't do what I love every day.......